#WAVELIGHT has to lead Hassan at FBK Games to European record:

She had just finished Ramadan, so the question is has Sifan Hassan enough power on Sunday evening in Hengelo to shine at the FBK Games. The born Ethiopian is there attacking her own European record of 5000 meters. “It will be a difficult task, admits the 26 year old athlete. I hope i’ve got the energy.”

Hassan is not often in The Netherlands. In Hengelo she is one of the top acts. Her record attempt is supported by #WAVELIGHT. The system guides the athlete to set the pace of the European Record. The #WAVELIGHT. enables spectators to see if Sifan Hassan is on schedule to attack her own European Record. “It will be a difficult task,” admits the 26 year old athlete, but she is looking forward to it anyway. “It’s still a big competition in the Netherlands, there is always a large audience.” (Source: NOS)